Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Baptismal Challenge

Dear family,

It´s awesome to hear from everyone that things are going good for you and that life is fun. I miss you tons now that there are only like three weeks left but I am still working hard. This week we had a lot of rain, a lot of clouds and only like two lessons that were really spectacular. We have an investigator named Gonzalo that is doing amazingly right now. He is super ready for the gospel. We taught him last week about fasting and this weekend he did a full 24hr fast. I was seriously amazed that he just did that.

The only problem is that his wife wasn't super convinced about the Book of Mormon nor our church. So, last night we went to their house to visit them and we taught about the plan of salvation with Gonzalo and his wife and it was a super spiritual lesson. Gonzalo shared his testimony with his wife of what he felt when we first came over and that he has learned a lot from our lessons. Also that he had a dream where he heard God tell him, "You haven´t seen anything yet" This was when he first started going to A church and now that he is listening to us he says that he is a lot further along than he was. And I know that his wife Carola felt the spirit too.

Because you could see it, she was feeling the spirit and when we invited her to be baptized with Gonzalo she said yes. I was so happy! Because the first time we invited her to be baptized she said no. So, obviously something changed in her heart. It was such an amazing lesson and I was so happy for the progress and the spirit that Gonzalo had with him. He is so prepared for baptism. I love that family, the only thing is that I don´t know if I´ll be here when they get baptized. That´s the only downer.

Well, hope you guys have a great week and that things go well for you. I love you all tons!


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