Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Dear Family,

This week has been kind of crazy for us. We started playing soccer at 6 in the morning with our Zone Leaders and the missionaries in ) de Julio (that ward shares a chapel with us) and that has been going
Visit to Sarmiento
really well. My companion and I are the two worst players but we are quickly improving and it is a lot more fun to do that kind of exercise than to do push ups and sit ups in the pension. =) Also, this Friday and Saturday we spent the day in Sarmiento. A tiny village about 2 hours from Comodoro in bus with one companionship of hermanas. On Friday we went out to help them find more people to teach and we had a great time. We found a lot of people that were very receptive and had some really good contacts with them. Now we need to bring that same spirit back to my area and find some people to teach. And on Saturday we went out with the Carter
Elders Applegate and Sirrine
family (they are senior missionaries that are working in the mission office) That was a blast and a reminder that things will always go bad right before a baptism. We were going to go out and come back by bus but the bus was full at 1 and the other buses wouldn't really be a possibility. So, we called around and at like 5 we got in the truck with the Carters to go out to Sarmiento. It was a good experience and I really loved the drive. It is a lot different in a truck as opposed to a car.
Elder Applegate Burning an old tie

Elder Sirrine looking over Comodoro

The Road to Sarmiento

And on Sunday my companion played a musical number in sacrament that was beautiful. It was the Paul Cardall arrangement of ´A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief´ He did an amazing job. And that is really all that happened this week. Outside of that things have been pretty chill. Hope you all have  a great week and I love you all tons!


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